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Little Anthony's Diner

A menu is a restaurant's manifesto, and Little Anthony's Diner's manifesto offers a bit of flair. The BLT is called a "Pig in a Garden;" the club sandwich is known as the "Chubby Checker Triple Decker;" and all of the healthy items are clustered under the hilarious heading "Things Elvis Wouldn't Eat." Burgers? Oh, they've got burgers, and they come served in a plastic basket lined in paper, just like a diner burger should. Our only caution at this wonderful little throwback to the 1950s is to save room for dessert. No meal is complete without a "Hot Fudge Banana Extravaganza" or "Little Anthony's Twinkie Delight," so plan accordingly.

Runners up:

2. Frank's Restaurant

3843 E. Pima St.


3. Bobo's

2938 E. Grant Road


R.I.P.: The Grill, 34 votes