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Little Anthony’s

7010 E. Broadway

It is the nature of the industry that diners come and go. Some arrive with a splash and become the hot new place, but almost all of them that came eventually reach that “go” stage of their existence. But, every now and then, there is the outlier, the diner that came…and stayed around…for decades! Little Anthony’s bills itself as “Tucson’s 50s Diner” and then more than lives up to it. The menu is unashamedly designed for the person who shows up really hungry and leaves really satisfied. In the Eatie Gourmet section of the menu, they have the Hunk-a-Hunk of Burning Love Burger, the La Bamba Burger, and the Be Bop Bacon Burger. There’s Grandma Tony’s Pizza and a wide variety of chicken offerings including the Love Me Tender Strips. They have French Fries and Chili Fries and Cheese Fries. And we’re not even going to talk about the desserts. At Little Anthony’s they aim to please and they always hit their target.

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