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Best Diner


Breakfast here is served until tomorrow. The tortellini? Freaking great. And the tater tots: grease-ilicious. Be warned, though: They "fucking hate" milkshakes (even though they'll serve you one of the best in town). It's Grill (no need for the "the"). Hipsters come for the attitude and stay for the vinyl booths with torn upholstery. It's 24/7, so just about everybody comes in at some point. Servers often come with a side of tats and piercings, and are actually quite pleasant. If you're arriving at 2 a.m., remember: You're there for the show first, food second. Don't bitch about slow service. A guy got hit in the face with a ball of yarn one time. Awesome.

Runners up:

2. 5 and Diner

4520 N. Stone Ave.


3. Frank's Restaurant

3843 E. Pima St.