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Best Diner


Many a Monday '80s night at Club Congress has ended with a familiar refrain: "Tater tots!" That's because downtown faithful know they can get the best tots in town just down the street, any hour of the night or day, at Grill. This Tucson institution is everything you would expect from your favorite greasy spoon, and so much more. Order the "freakin' great tortellini" or the creamy pesto from your friendly server, but don't expect fast service (especially late at night). As Grill's MySpace page says, "Just hang out and watch us throw out drunks and frat boys. It's dinner and a show." Or you can catch a real live show while you wait in the adjacent Red Room. Be warned: They "fucking hate milkshakes" (but they're sooo good).

Runners up:

2. 5 and Diner

4520 N. Stone Ave.


3. Little Anthony's Diner

7010 E. Broadway Blvd.