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OK, so the heyday of diners was in the '50s rather than the Roaring '20s, but either way, it's a venerable American institution. And whether you call it "Grill," "the Grill" or "that place downtown that's always open," this place is truly venerable, originally opening in the '20s as the Minerva Café. Fat, sugar, caffeine and booze--Grill's got your four basic food groups covered. Whether you're jonesing for that huge bowl of crunchy, greasy tater tots and a fine pint of ale, or a fat pile of french toast and a shake, or some funky ambience and live local music, or even just a dose of their controlled-substance coffee to get you cranked up in the morning, Grill is there for ya.

Runners up:

2. 5 and Diner, 4520 N. Stone Ave., 690-1957
3. Austin's, 2920 E. Broadway Blvd., 327-3892

Unclear on the concept: Arizona Inn, one vote

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