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The Grill

The Grill has been Tucson's after-show, after-bar, after-noon-and-you-want-breakfast place to be since it was revamped eight years ago. Seasoned Grill patrons can swap stories about their favorite servers, food mishaps and changes over the years--remember when the neon chicken was an actual chicken, not a roasted one? When the painting over the entrance to the Red Room was Acropolis in the time of Pericles? And what about when the smoking ban was passed and you had to pay a dollar to join the Smoker's Club if you wanted to smoke inside?

Diners are, by definition, restaurants with personality staring back at you from the sides of the ketchup bottles and napkin dispensers. Diners are more than just a place to eat; they're the nexus of small-town communities, a place where any member of the gang can go and know at least someone will be there, drinking coffee, eating tater tots or drowning their sorrows in a cold one. Grill is the ultimate downtown diner, right down to the strange holes in the bathroom doors where the vent should be. They could serve you tires with a Windex béarnaise and you'd still go. Tucson's own special little twist on a theme Americana, Grill is where you can not only get fries with that, but many memorable moments shared with friends, too.

Runners up:

2. 5 and Diner, 4520 N. Stone Ave.

3. TIE Frank's, 3843 E. Pima St.

3. TIE Little Anthony's, 7010 E. Broadway Blvd.

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