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Best Desserts

Something Sweet Dessert Lounge

This diner-like little restaurant boasts one of the most impressive dessert selections this side of the Mississippi, with something sure to satisfy any sweet tooth in the city. Something Sweet offers homemade red velvet cake, cakes with espresso, cakes with peanut butter, cakes with flour, cakes without flour, cakes with cream cheese ... and did I mention they have giant éclairs? Not only are these delicious desserts reasonably priced (most are between $5 and $7); Something Sweet offers coffee, board games and wireless Internet. It's the perfect place to hang out late with friends or sit quietly with a laptop, all while enjoying some mind-blowingly good sweets.

Runners up:

2. Beyond Bread, 6260 E. Speedway Blvd., 747-7477; 3026 N. Campbell Ave., 322-9965;

3. The B Line, 621 N. Fourth Ave., 882-7575,

Sign of the impending apocalypse: Applebee's, three votes; Chili's, one vote; Olive Garden, three votes