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Best Desserts

Beyond Bread

Beyond Bread serves up a constantly changing and completely captivating selection. There are towering chocolate mousse torts, delicate multi-layer tiramisu, fruit bars (with lemon, raspberry and other assorted flavors) and fresh fruit torts with your daily supply of vitamin C. Many of the desserts look like works of art with fine filigrees of caramel, leafs of white chocolate, buttons of sculpted icing and fragile wings of tender filo. Unique and flavorful approaches to brownies, torts, tarts, cakes and éclairs also greet you from the silver trays in the chilled display cases. They're only open until 8 p.m., dammit, so some planning is required.

Runners up:

2. B-Line, 621 N. Fourth Ave.

3. Cup Café, 311 E. Congress St.

Unclear on the concept vote: Blimpie's