Best Of Tucson®

Best Desserts Under $5

Santa Barbara Ice Creamery

READERS' PICK: I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream--and Santa Barbara Ice Creamery is the screamiest, dreamiest, creamiest ice cream in town! All the standards, plus unique blends from exotic locales, low-fat options, shakes and smoothies, all served by a friendly staff. After you grab a scoop or two, head over next door to browse the used books on the shelves at another Tucson landmark, The Book Stop.

B-SIDE: Café à la C'art, 150 N. Main Ave. Sweet dreams are made of this: cream, fresh fruit, perfect glazes and chocolate, lots of chocolate. Tucked away behind the Tucson Museum of Art, Café à la C'art purveys fine lunches and even finer desserts. The cakes are luscious, rich and thick. The tarts are small and tantalizing. The cookies are huge. A charming patio provides a quiet spot in downtown to watch the birds, listen to the waterfall and slip into a chocolate-induced purple haze. Café à la C'art is only open days, but you can take away a piece, a whole dessert or arrange catering for the post-concert party.