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Best Desserts Under $5

The Cup Café

311 E. Tenth St.

READERS' PICK: The Cup's infamous dessert carousel has been subject of much longing--well, the contents more than the actual case, but it's fair to assume both, we suppose. Many of us have spent hours staring at the endless rotations of desserts and confuse actually tasting the key lime pie, the macaroons, the chocolate pudding or the black forest cake with the 3 million times we've seen them go round. Nevertheless, they look good and most likely they all taste good, too ... or you wouldn't have voted for it, would you?

READERS' POLL RUNNER-UP: Cold Stone Creamery, 1927 E. Speedway Blvd. Every time we decide to go to Cold Stone Creamery we think "Only order a small cup. That's all one self-respecting, weight-conscientious person can possibly finish; that's all a small student pocket can afford." And then we open the door and smell those chocolate-dipped waffle cones. And we see the rows of toppings; the deadly cream cheese, coffee and dutch chocolate ice cream; the young men mixin' and cuttin' and slappin' the goods around on that cold stone. And we walk out with a double waffle cone and three mix-ins, and then of course it is a two-course, more than $5 meal.