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Santa Barbara Ice Creamery

Readers' Pick: In the midst of Tucson's most urbane shopping and dining strip, patrons of this establishment can indulge themselves with tantalizing ice cream pies and roll cakes, or take home a 24-ounce container of the cold stuff. But they better come with a King-Kong sized appetite, because the portions are large. The choices are also widespread, licorice being the most interesting flavor spotted on one of our frequent visits.

Of Mythic Proportions: Mount Lemmon Café, Summerhaven. While Tucson is blessed with a wide variety of places that serve delicious and beautifully presented works of culinary art to conclude a fine meal, being simple folk here at the Weekly, we prefer the pie a la mode at this heavenly retreat on our local Olympus. Made with a short bottom crust and buttery crumb topping, a sizable slice of pie can hold anything from fresh peach to sour cherry to our favorite, red raspberry. It's a drive up the mountain but worth it to see the leaves turning colors and for a taste of ambrosia.

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