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Best Delicatessen

Shlomo & Vitos Delicatessen and Pizza Kitchen

If you're looking for a magical sandwich to eat while gazing in a crystal ball, or at least a free plate of dill pickles, look no further than the base of the foothills. This East Coast-fashioned deli is a hidden gem. Your taste-buds will thank you when you bite into their signature corned beef Reuben, and they'll positively stand up and cheer when you have a slice of their New York style pizza. They also carry Wise potato chips, which any proud East Coaster will tell you "dose are da best chips!" Don't forget to check out their happy hour specials. You can't beat a $3 pint of Guinness and a $5 margarita with fresh ingredients.

Runners up:

2. Dickman's Meat and Deil

6472 N. Oracle Road


3. 5th Street Deli and Market

5071 E. Fifth St.