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Best Delicatessen

Jason's Deli

This is not an old-fashioned New York-style deli. Sally would not have met Harry here-it's a family place; kids eat free all day on Sundays-but you can get a good assortment of wraps, sandwiches, muffalettas, po' boys and salads. Two of the favorites are the California Club with guacamole served on a croissant, and the Beefeater with hot roast beef on New Orleans French bread. Jason's offers some nice choices for those who are seeking more healthful food. Fresh fruit is offered as the sandwich side dish; healthy heart items are clearly marked with a little red heart. Maybe by now, Harry and Sally are more interested in their cholesterol and blood pressure.

Runners up:

2. Feig's Kosher Deli, 5071 E. Fifth St., 325-2255

3. TIE

  • Bob's Deli, 2516 N. Campbell Ave., 326-3540
  • Sausage Deli, 2334 N. First Ave., 623-8182
  • Time Market, 444 E. University Blvd., 622-0761