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Feig's Kosher Foods

READERS' PICK: If you know that kasha is not the author of "The Metamorphosis" and can tell a knish from a kugel, you're gonna love Feig's. It's a dill-pickle-scented oasis in a desert largely devoid of Semitic soul food. More Jewish than klezmer music, the Dreidel song and Barbra Streisand in Yentl put together, Feig's is just the place for a corned beef sandwich on rye, kosher dill, and a Dr. Brown's cream soda. In addition to having full deli selections to eat there or take out, Feig's is also a market for kosher meats and specialty items. Unlike certain franchise establishments that dare to call themselves delis but don't even have corned beef on the menu, Feig's stays true to the deli heritage and tradition.

READERS' POLL RUNNER-UP: Bob's Deli, 2516 N. Campbell Ave. In addition to fine food at low prices, Bob's is a shrine to University of Arizona and Chicago Bulls basketball. You also just might catch a glimpse of a star-to-be athlete among the many regular customers the owner knows by name. This small deli is located in a shopping strip a few blocks north of Grant Road. It offers a wide range of meat sandwiches, and two veggie varieties, on a selection of nine breads with six different toppings available. Among the choices are an Italian sub, turkey, ham and a personal favorite, braunsweiger. Also on the menu are salads and desserts, including chocolate cake at only 99 cents. After eating a slice, you'll probably leave Bob's whistling a few bars of "Bear Down Arizona."

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