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Best Delicatessen

Feig's Kosher Foods Market & Delicatessen

5071 E. Fifth St.

READERS' PICK: Don't go looking for pastrami and Swiss at Feig's Kosher Foods Market & Delicatessen, because you won't find the cheese. Remember, truly kosher means no mixing dairy and meat. But even if you don't adhere to strict kosher dietary guidelines, don't let that stop you from a visit to Feig's, which has been serving some of the best pastrami, rye bread, corned beef, bagels and lox for decades. You'll also find excellent chopped liver, kugel, latkes, gefilte fish and matzo balls at this friendly little market and deli counter. And for those monster head colds, try the chicken soup, just like your Jewish mother would insist if you're lucky enough to have one.

READERS' POLL RUNNER-UP: Sausage Deli, 2334 N. First Ave. Well, it's not exactly a delicatessen, in that you're probably not shopping for meats and cheeses. But the guys at Sausage Deli do make great sandwiches and subs, from the unforgettable Susie Sorority to the meaty Omar. The off-campus location makes this a favorite of the UA kids, but alumni have a tendency to return to its walls -- or at least take advantage of the self-described "same-day delivery" service.