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Bisbee, Arizona

Affectionately called “Mayberry On Acid,” the quirky town of Bisbee is a popular destination for Tucsonans looking to chill out, enjoy a wild Pride weekend and run into a friend on Main Street. Bisbee’s hills are adorned with colorful, historic homes and art can be found in just about every little corner, making it easy to enjoy yourself. Park yourself on the brewery’s patio in Brewery Gulch to people-watch, or drink with a local at St. Elmo’s to get the real Bisbee experience. The town hosts several great annual events and is home to a couple of museums. A visit is also a great way to escape the heat, as it’s always a little cooler and nestled in Cochise County’s green mountains. The drive there is about 90 minutes on I-10 or you can take the scenic state routes and get there in just under two hours. Just be prepared to search for parking. 

Runners Up

2. Mount Lemmon

3. Tombstone

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