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Best Damn Bloody Mary

Che's Lounge

If you want to watch some modern-day alchemy with guaranteed mind-blowing and taste-tingling results, look no further than Che's Lounge. Donovan White, Che's barkeep at large, can make one mean Bloody Mary. Like the misunderstood alchemists of yesteryear, White can concoct something magical using the basic raw elements. By combining tomato juice, vodka, A LOT of various spices, a smidge of salt, and topping it off with a pickle or celery stick, and a few secret ingredients, White produces an Elixir of Longevity every time.  Like the Spice Guild said in Frank Herbert's Dune, "the spice must flow." It wouldn't hurt to carry a Potion of Resist Fire after you guzzle one of these bad boys.