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Best Cupcake

Cake Boutique

Creating the perfect cupcake is an act a little short of performing magic—it's an act that requires combining the right amount of basic ingredients, with the right touch of flavors, cooked at the right temperature for just enough time to create a light, airy and delicious cake capable of being carried in the palm of one's hand. Then comes the act of whipping together frosting, cream and flavoring in juuuust the right way to make something that perfectly compliments the cake it tops. And according to our readers, Cake Boutique nails the combination perfectly, creating cakes in varying sizes, willing to create works of fondant art to match any theme you throw at them.

Runners up:

2. Cup Quequitos

110 E. Pennington St.


3. Pin-Up Pastries


—Cupcakes are supposed to make you happy, we think: One vote for "people still eat those things?"