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Stewart Custom Boot

STAFF PICK: Think of the great mythical shoes: the winged sandals of Hermes, Cinderella's slipper, the seven league boots of Norse legend. Legendary among cowboy boots are those made by Stewart Boot. A venerable institution on a side street of South Tucson, Stewart makes by hand the softest, comfiest, most beautiful boots ever, anywhere. We suspect these boots are not made by human hands, but by some kind of earthly deities. And the leather! Oh rapture, the leather! This is leather from some mythical beast, supple and soft as a baby's bottom. If you can wait, Stewart will custom make a pair just for your feet, but if you're feeling lucky and want some instant gratification, check out their seconds rack and see what they might have in your size that you can take home today at half price. Their seconds are twice as good as anyone else's first quality.