Best Of Tucson®

Best Cover Band

80s and Gentlemen

For a dozen years, 80s and Gentlemen have channeled the greatest new wave, pop and power ballads. Yeah, we know what you're thinking. But wait. Their approach is shockingly and refreshingly unburdened by irony; it's wholly revelatory and can cram your head—guilt-free—with schoolyard nostalgia and that bittersweet yearning for lost or forgotten loves. In that way, they show us how a good song is a good song no matter the context or era or if it's a partying tune or not. The fetching frontwoman miraculously and accurately captures the essence of her female inspirations, in costume, phrasing and choreography, and star-spangled dudes ably and understatedly back her. Sure, they revel in questionable Reagan-era fashions but it's absurdist theater too. No wonder they pack venues. 

Runners up:

2. Wayback Machine

3. Gigi and the GLOW