Best Of Tucson®

Best Country Music Station

KIIM FM 99.5

There's no denying that Tucsonans just love that good ol' Southern rhythm booming from their stereos when they listen to KIIM. You don't have to like fried chicken and cheap beer to appreciate the kind of music you hear from Tucson's only country music station (save for a brand-new AM station). KIIM have been supplying Tucsonans with all the latest hits and all-star classics for years. With recent hits like Toby Keith's "She's a Hottie" and Taylor Swift's "Should've Said No"--and the fact that, like we just said, KIIM has been the only country game in town--it's no wonder KIIM takes home the title year after year.

Runners up:

2. KXCI FM 91.3,

3. TIE


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