Best Of Tucson®

Best Country Music Station

KIIM FM 99.5

KIIM FM, a perennial favorite in this category, has systematically eliminated its rivals Michael Corleone-style to win Best of TucsonTM. Well, OK, that's not exactly true, but it could be argued that KIIM's quality playlist and promotions like "Quest for Gold," where one can win a Disneyland Pirates of the Caribbean vacation (we swear we're not making that up for the purposes of this year's theme) has consigned all rivals to Davy Jones' locker. KIIM's victory in the category is perhaps not quite as meaningful as when there were two other full-time country stations, but all it takes is one (very brief) listen to Max, Shannon and the Porkchop in the morning slot to know how deeply this award is deserved.

Runners up:

2. KXCI FM 91.3,

3. "United States"