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Best Country Music Station

KIIM 99.5 FM

KIIM's morning crew had a heavy dose of reality radio recently when host Max Morgan underwent emergency heart surgery. Trouper that he is, he returned quickly through the dual miracle of heart bypass techniques and electronic technology, seamlessly joining the studio broadcast from his home while recuperating. Morgan, Betsy Bruce and Brent "Pork Chop" Miller have old-fashioned chemistry, just like Leonardo, Kate and that boat. Enough humorous, self-effacing tension leaks in to keep things interesting day after day. Between songs, afternoon DJ Mark Bateman interweaves encyclopedic tabloidy tidbits about the stars making the music. To its credit, the station has been increasing its support of big-name concerts, as well as spotlighting local venues like the Cactus Moon and local talent like Troy Olsen.

Runner up:

2. KXCI 91.3 FM

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