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Rattlesnake Bridge

Godzilla may have terrorized Tokyo, but Simon Donovan's slithering snake has been nothing but nice to Tucson. The glittering Diamondback Bridge has brought star presence to the Old Pueblo's Broadway. Ingeniously combining art and engineering, it lights up the barren intersection at Broadway Boulevard and Aviation Parkway while offering safe passage to pedestrians and bicyclists. Its shimmering spines, gaping jaws and glowing red eyes delight the thousands of drivers who pass below it every day. And though Godzilla never won any Oscars, Tucson's big snake keeps racking up engineering and public art prizes, not to mention repeated votes from Tucson's serpent-loving faithful.

Runners up:

2. Stevie Eller Dance Theatre, University of Arizona

3. La Placita Village, 110 S. Church Ave.

Sign of the impending apocalypse: Home Depot, one vote

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