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Heroes and Villains Comic Book Store

Heroes and Villains, despite the store's expansion to make more room for both comics and games in the Broadway Boulevard strip mall it calls home, remains all about comics and the people who love them. But the good people there happen to treat gamers right, too. One area of the business is the gamer side, while the comics sit pretty next door. But what makes the store a favorite for gamers and comic book freaks has little to do with the new layout and everything to do with the staff. It doesn't take long for them to know your name, and if you're bringing up a young comic-book fan, they are super helpful and always up for answering a dozen questions from your resident Marvel expert (Cynthia is missed on the floor, but Malcolm rocks. Just sayin'). They do this with smiles on their faces and always seem happy to share their knowledge with a new generation and even a parent who doesn't know Marvel from DC.

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