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47 Scott

There are plenty of craft cocktail joints out there these days, but our readers are hailing 47 Scott and—presumably—Scott and Co., the original downtown speakeasy next door. These folks take their mixology seriously, with house cocktails like The Vagabond (tequila, sage-infused agave nectar, fresh limes and orange bitters), the Brick House Old Fashioned (bacon-washed rye, demerara syrup and Angostura bitters) and the Violet Beauregarde (vodka, blueberry, fresh lemon, fresh lime, lavender tincture and soda). There's a reason that the New York Times declared that "these newfangled refreshments highlight an ascendant caste of bartenders, more akin to doctoral candidates than service-industry workers, whose command over the ever-expanding canon of mixed drinks spawns not only variations on the classics but also variations on the variations."

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