Best Of Tucson®

Best Cocktail Menu

Scott and Co./ 47 Scott

Cocktails are all the rage these days—but not the classic martinis that Don Draper imbibes. (Wait ... that was last year's Best of Tucson® theme.) No, nowadays, cocktails have clever names and ingredients that won't be found in any old-school bartenders' guide. And nowhere else in Tucson is this "trend" more evident than at Scott and Co., a chic little watering hole next door to 47 Scott. (They're run by the same people.) Ciaran Wiese and crew have created a menu like no other. All of their own infusions and syrups are house-made. With names like "Femme Fatale" and "Righteous Reverend" and ingredients like espresso tincture, absinthe and a whole assortment of high-end rums, tequilas and whiskeys, these cocktails are so clever and luscious that they were recently featured in The New York Times. At last, there's some good news coming out of Arizona.

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