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Kon Tiki Restaurant and Lounge

The ancient recipe of fruit juice mixed with booze is at the heart of this retro-realistic spot, a favorite among the Arizona tiki-culture crowd since it opened way back in 1963. Of course, that's an oversimplification. The drinks at Kon Tiki are a far cry from red plastic cups of "jungle juice" ladled out in some dorm room. Even if you're strictly a shot-and-beer type, it's hard to resist escaping into Kon Tiki's cool, dark interior to sip away a late-afternoon happy hour (when tasty pu-pus, with booze-soaking power similar to a roll of Brawny, are half-price). Try something pink, something blue, something red, something frozen and something served in a Polynesian-style bowl bigger than your head.

Runners up:

2. Kingfisher Bar and Grill, 2564 E. Grant Road, 323-7739,

3. The Shelter, 4155 E. Grant Road, 326-1345

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