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READERS' PICK (TIE): Put the lime in the coconut and drink them both together. Add some rum and you've got a classic Kon Tiki drink special. A tropical paradise in the middle of Tucson, Kon Tiki has thatched huts, Tiki idols, a salt-water aquarium, parrots and enormous Scorpions--the drink, not the band or the venomous bug. The Kon Tiki is home to a young, casual crowd that takes its pleasure seriously. If you were born to be wild, Kon Tiki is the perfect place to start your walk on the wild side. The "Drink of the Gods" alone will make you trash your hotel room.

One bourbon, one scotch, one beer? Kingfisher can supply more than one and the best of each. The intimate, quiet bar area is the perfect place to share a conversation and savor a classic or nouveau Martini, Cosmopolitan or Manhattan. The expert bartenders know every classic cocktail riff. These people have spent time in the woodshed, or maybe at the crossroads. They're that good. They know the difference between rye and bourbon and when to use which. As Henry said, "You're lucky to even know me. You're lucky to be alive. You're lucky to be drinking here."

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