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Buffalo Kids

One of our colleagues was forced to walk the marital plank, meaning that he had to accompany his wife on a shopping trip to the mall. While there, he saw pre-torn clothing with holes and frayed edges being sold new for $100 for a pair of jeans and $80 or so for the matching (intentionally damaged) shirt. What, kids are so lazy, they can't even wear out their own clothes these days? Such is not a problem at Buffalo Kids, where gently worn clothing is resold for a fraction of what the mall stores are charging. A junior version of perennial-favorite Buffalo Exchange, Kids offers a dizzying selection of clothes that were outgrown rather than worn out. By the way, we've all had jobs that sucked, but can you imagine putting on your resume "clothing frayer?"

Runners up:

2. Target, Various locations,

3. TIE

Angel Threads, 2905 E. Skyline Drive, 299-3221,

Dillard's, 4550 N. Oracle Road, 293-4550; 5890 E. Broadway Blvd., 747-4700,

Vote of note: "Banana Republic ... ya I know, shut up ..."