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Anthony's Cigar Emporium

STAFF PICK: Who can forget the Platter's legendary take: "So I smile and say when a lovely flame dies, smoke gets in your eyes"? Pepe keeps wowing them with his knowledge and service at Anthony's Cigar Emporium, 7866 N. Oracle Road. Enjoy your Bahia Gold, Ashton VSG, Padron Anniversario here with friends. Huge leather sofas, television on sports and news. Rent a locker in the humidor to stash your sticks and drink. Be sure to ask about Joe "I." Anthony's second store is in Crossroads, 4811 E. Grant Road. Same great selection and comfort.

B-SIDE: No sofas or television, but our favorite for purchase remains Head West, 2750 N. Campbell Ave. Mark the rascal is a merchandising wizard who knows how to hold down the price of a cigar. He will save you money (it's a gas) and although the brainy, leggy supermodel has moved on, no woman, no cry. Joe and the crew have got your back and your smoke.

B-SIDE: Tinder Box Internationale offers a nice selection, including some smokes that you won't find elsewhere, from a nice shop in the Plaza at Williams Center, 5350 E. Broadway Blvd. The folks here also offer a smoking lounge.

B-SIDE: Aside from your back yard, one of the nicest places to enjoy a good smoke is the Cigar Bar at McMahon's Steak House, 2959 N. Swan Road. A fine selection of wine, beer and cognac. Bob won't mind if you BYOC.