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Guilin Healthy Chinese Restaurant

No oil, no deep-frying, no MSG—no problem. Guilin Healthy Chinese Restaurant serves up its flavorful food without all the fattening fixings—unless, of course, you want it that way. That's no problem, either. Just because Guilin's dishes lack unnecessary grease and calories does not mean they lack taste. A single nibble of the spicy Mongolian chicken proves that. Other fine fare on the menu includes a savory selection of tasty and tangy Chinese dishes, complete with a blossoming variety of vegetarian choices. The ambiance is casual; the jasmine tea is dreamy; and the hallway to the bathroom includes a mini-art gallery of sorts.

Runners up:

2. P.F. Chang's China Bistro

1805 E. River Road, No. 100


3. Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant

Various locations

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