Best Of Tucson®

Best Cheese Plate

The Monkey Box

Ah, the lovely little Monkey Box. There's a style here not found in too many places in the Old Pueblo. Drinks, music and good company are all dressed up in industrial chic. And the food, well, let's start with the artisan cheese plate. The cheeses are divine: tart and creamy, flecked with fruit and herbs, spreadable, edible, delish. Fruit comes in both fresh and dried forms and add a wonderful sweetness. Capers and artichoke hearts add saltiness. And for a little crunch: almonds and crackers. With a glass of wine, it's perfection. There is also a charcuterie plate that feature in a little prosciutto and hard cheeses, an olive and cheese plate and a hummus plate. Of course, the other menu items are tasty as well.