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Best Catered-to-Kids Restaurant

Chuck E. Cheese's

Yeah, you always said you'd never let your kids watch that much TV, eat Cheetos or go to that place where the rat rules over his pizza palace. But eventually, it will happen: Barney will become your wee one's favorite dino, Cheetos a delicious orange-glow treat and Chuck E. Cheese's a frenetic, happy place that you'll come to embrace as Kiddy Vegas. The pizza is almost inedible, but that's not the point. (I think the rat is keeping most of the cheese for himself in the back.) The point is that children love this place. What's important are the redemption arcade games and the friend your kid made while crawling through the maze of tubes and slides that hang from the ceiling. Eventually, even the rat starts to grow on you.

Runners up:

2. Peter Piper Pizza, Various locations,

3. Zona 78, 78 W. River Road, 888-7878; 7301 E. Tanque Verde Road, 296-7878,