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Best Catered-to-Kids Restaurant

Chuck E. Cheese's

"Fish 'n' Fun" gives you tickets for nabbing, with a magnet, fish of various values as they circle a chest of pirate booty and several sunken ships. You can't lose, but the winnings are meager. Contrastingly generous is "Rubble Bubble," which seems to exist solely to dispense tickets one after the other. When your kids figure out that hogging "Rubble Bubble" is the fastest route to the 1,500 tickets needed for a 10-inch, remote-controlled Harley Davidson motorcycle, they are too old for Chuck E. Cheese's, and you never again have to spend another hour in its primary-colored bedlam, eating its adequate pizza and doing the hokey pokey. Meanwhile, they can win a pirate's eye patch with only 50 tickets.

Runners up:

2. Peter Piper Pizza, Various locations,

3. McDonald's, Various locations,

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