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Best Catered-to-Kids Restaurant

Chuck E. Cheese's

Miz Scarlett, we don't know nuttin' about birthing' babies, and we know even less about how to keep the Young Frankensteins entertained, which is why Chuck E. Cheese is your No. 1 choice for kid-friendly dining. Here reigns a raucous combo where Disneyland rules daily and kids can challenge dad to rockin' bowling. Turn the lever--where it stops no one knows--Viva Las Vegas for kids of all ages. Where else can a family down four beverages and a large pizza and play games galore for $11.95? The Gods Must Be Crazy as lights flash, bells ding, games beep, songs sing, kids scream-just a few of our favorite things. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. A token for your thoughts? Ear plugs optional.

Runners up:

2. Peter Piper Pizza, Various locations

3. McDonald's, Various locations

Unclear on the concept: Hooters, one vote