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Best Catered-To-Kids Restaurant

Chuck E . Cheese's

6130 E. Speedway Blvd.

READERS' PICK: The atmosphere may be over-stimulating to those with brainwaves, but kids do love Chuck E. Cheese's. A popular spot for extreme birthday parties, this mega-arcade is also a family pizza place. In comparison to its surroundings, the menu is quite manageable. Choose from pizza, subs, breadsticks, cheese sticks, fries, hot-dogs and salads. For thirst quenching, Chuck E. Cheese's offers sodas, iced tea, coffee, apple juice or milk. No alcoholic beverages are served. The prices range from just under a buck for coffee and juice, to $35.99 for a value package that includes a large pizza, four drinks and 100 game tokens. So if you want to see just how fast the kids can put on their shoes and brush their teeth, announce you're taking them to Chuck E. Cheese's and go start that mini-van.

READERS' POLL RUNNER-UP: McDonald's, locations citywide