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Best Casual Dining

The B-Line

The B-Line might be a descendant of the luncheonettes that became popular in the '20s. It's comfortable. The menu features Tucson comfort food. The terrific quesadilla has a dipping sauce that emphasizes complex flavors and some heat. Dinner salads with tender steak or moist salmon come with innovative dressing choices. Burros are made with the best Tucson tortillas. Italian subs are spicy and served with a chaser of mellow pasta. An interesting selection of beer and Stewart's soda pop are offered with wine, coffee and tea. Part of the fun is the waiter taking your order at the counter, placing it on a clip and zipping it down a suspended line to the kitchen. The B-line is also modern and hip. The decor is New York stylish. The view is Fourth Avenue.

Runners up:

2. Blue Willow, 2616 N. Campbell Ave., 327-7577
3. Feast, 4122 E. Speedway Blvd., 326-9363