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Best Casual Dining


Oh, we love B-Line. We love that they're there for us on Sundays (so we forgive the Monday closure) and we love that they stay open in those hours between breakfast, lunch and dinner. We love that they have a small but excellent selection of beer on tap. And we adore the simplicity of the menu--giant buttermilk biscuits for breakfast served sweetly with pecan butter and honey, or prepared savory, with eggs and roasted green chiles. Lunch and dinner offer burritos and quesadillas, simple pastas with homemade sauces and salads the likes of which we ain't used to in these parts--combining purple Peruvian potatoes, sunflower seeds, dried fruits and feta--dressed with such a light hand that we needn't ask for the exquisite buttermilk horseradish on the side. The bakery case is gorgeous, with tarts, cakes, pies and chewy cookies. B-Line is perfect for a family brunch, a solo afternoon beer-and-crossword hour or a dinner date.

Runners up:

2. Chuy's, Various locations

3. TIE Kingfisher, 2564 E. Grant Road

3. TIE Blue Willow, 2616 N. Campbell Ave.