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Metro Car Wash

The Art Deco-style logo for Metro Car Wash hearkens back to a time when only the elite few owned cars, a time when things like car washes were probably laughed at as a ridiculous pipe dream. The Art Deco allusion infuses Metro Car Wash with something most car washes can't even imagine: class. You want a classy car wash that's also affordable, quick and high-quality? You go to Metro. We have plenty of car washes popping up all over the city, but at Metro, you can sit back and pretend you're sipping a martini at the Algonquin while you wait for your shining automobile to emerge from the dryers.

Runners up:

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6611 N. Thornydale Road


7210 E. 22nd St.


2011 W. Valencia Road


3. Capin Car Care Center

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