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Rose Canyon Lake

For years, "Rosey" has entertained nature lovers, anglers, campers and those seeking to escape Valley heat--to the point where summertime weekends looked like the clown car at the circus with its never-ending stream of occupants. "This lake attracts some 50,000 visitors a year," according to Steve Romero of the Forest Service's Santa Catalina Ranger District. "From May through September, 2,000 people a week come here to camp and fish." Not anymore--or at least not for the foreseeable future (BOT voting took place before the Aspen Fire). Thanks to recent mountain fires, much of the pine needle groundcover is gone, a lot of nearby brush and timber is singed or dead, and the lake (built in 1959) is a mud bog from erosion detritus that has flowed into the little put-and-take trout pond. Which makes it a double shame as the lake had just begun to recover from massive flooding and silting caused by July 1999 flooding that wiped out hiking trails, bridges and picnic areas.

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2. Mount Lemmon (general)

3. Patagonia

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