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Musette Café

Staff Pick: After you've collected your laurels for finishing the Tour de Tucson at the head of the pack, whiz on over to Musette, the new café nestled behind a frenzy of roadrunners on-on-wheels at Full Cycle, for some first-rate sustenance. "Sweets, Sandwiches, Salads, Soups" are part of the offerings, Sweets include the usual brownies and cookies, but also delectable and unpredictable specials, like French lemon tart one day or a luscious plum crust another. The sandwiches, with names like "Tour de France" or "Gyro de Italia," combine crusty bread with a variety of cheeses, meats and greens, each with a savory different vinaigrette. The soup of the day is exactly that, concocted out of that particular day's freshest produce and freshest inspiration, maybe mushroom, or country vegetable, or even artichoke. There are plenty of yummy drinks: smoothies, hot and cold running coffees, and concoctions with a vast array of Italian syrups. (One of our friends is working his way through the latter in reverse alphabetical order from Vanilla to Almond.) Everything is served on tables the tops of which are studded with gear wheels inlaid in mosaic tile. The presiding spirit behind the succulent food and the congenial attitude is Renee Koehler, an excellent cook who also has a good hand with a drawing pencil. (Witness her sketch of three bike champions including Greg LeMond.) Of course, if you don't feel like biking, you can always drive, and just watch the cyclist come and go. ("Musette," by the way, is the bag you stash your picnic in and throw across your shoulder when you climb on your bike.)

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