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Nico's Mexican Food

Q: What would Tucson be like without Nico's several locations spotted about town? A: A barren desert, but without fantastic burritos. Let's face it: Mexican fast food is part of the fabric of our city, and Nico's sure as hell know how to make a burrito. With a menu of all sorts and sizes of God's gift to the tortilla (also one of God's gifts), you can't go wrong. Anything you can think to put in a burrito, you can probably get it at Nico's. The veggies are great, the spice superb, and that guacamole defies description. Sitting at a picnic table outside Nico's with a burrito in hand, looking at the night sky in the summer is just one of those magical Tucson experiences.

Runners up:

2. El Guero Canelo

5201 S. 12th Ave.


2480 N. Oracle Road


5802 E. 22nd St.


3. Tania's "33" Dos Mundos

614 N. Grande Ave.


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