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Best Burrito

Nico's Mexican Food

Living in a city so close to the Mexico border has its perks—including the endless availability of burritos. Among the varied Mexican-food joints around the city, Nico's takes the cake, or, rather, the burrito, in serving deliciousness wrapped in a flour tortilla. Whether you're into a plain bean-and-cheese or something more adventurous, Nico's offers something for everyone. Nico's has various locations across town, and most are open all night; most locations have a drive-thru. So take a trip to Nico's to get your quick fix of scrumptious burritos.

Runners up:

2. Chipotle

Various locations

3. El Guero Canelo

5201 S. 12th Ave.


2480 N. Oracle Road


5802 E. 22nd St.