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Best Burrito

Nico's Mexican Food

Let's face it--there are a ton of places to get a burrito in Tucson. But it's the ones made by the fine folks at Nico's that many of our readers swear by. The beauty of that is that a Nico's is always open. Feel like a burrito breakfast, or looking to satisfy that gnawing hunger after an arduous day at work? Go to Nico's. Perhaps you just left a bar and need a little somethin'-somethin' to absorb the five shots of tequila in your gut. Have your designated driver chauffeur you to Nico's! With a wide assortment of choices, including carne asada, bean and even a breakfast burrito, satisfaction is only a car ride away.

Runners up:

2. Los Betos Mexican Food, Various locations
3. Viva Burrito, Various locations

Sign of the impending apocalypse: Taco Bell, three votes