Best Of Tucson®

Best Burger


This perennial Tucson favorite boasts an undeniable winning concept--you get the luxury of having a hamburger cooked for you to order, starting at one-third of a pound of meat and growing from there, but you also get to prepare it the way you like it, heaping on condiments and rabbit food in your own unique manner. Lately, Fuddruckers has been offering some healthy chicken-dinner choices--and there may be a veggie burger somewhere there, as well--but those are strictly for the pretentious relatives who poo-poo the idea of burgers and prefer eating with a knife and fork. Hey, they gotta eat too, and you're lucky they came out with you at all, right? Love that vintage rock 'n' roll décor, too.

Runners up:

2. Bob Dobbs Bar and Grill, 2501 E. Sixth St., 325-3767,

3. Shari's First Avenue Drive-In, 2650 N. First Ave., 623-5385

Sign of the impending apocalypse: McDonald's, two votes

Premature thinking: In-N-Out, three votes