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Five is the magic number at Fuddruckers. For the delicious, cooked-to-order original hamburger, there are five cheeses and five gourmet toppings to select from. The 2/3-pound burger even costs $5.35. Five is also the number of Fudd meals, the variety of grilled-chicken specialty sandwiches and the selection of $3.65 kids' meals. Among the restaurant's decorative knickknacks, there's also Illinois license plate 5759. But five isn't the only important digit at Fuddruckers. There are four sizes of the original burger, three types of sundaes, a similar number of cookies and treats, and a seemingly endless supply of condiments and drinks. All together, these figures make Fuddruckers Numero Uno when it comes to hamburgers in Tucson.

Runners up:

2. Bob Dobbs Bar and Grill, 2501 E. Sixth St., 325-3767
3. Shari's First Avenue Drive-In, 2650 N. First Ave., 623-5385

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