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Seven Cups

In some ways, walking into Seven Cups is like walking into an apothecary, like the kind where you’d see witches and wizards shopping for potion ingredients. Really, though, it’s a tea shop that sells some of the finest Chinese teas available. The kind staff will be more than happy to teach you about each of the different kinds, and there’s certainly a lot to learn. Seven Cups offers multiple varieties of green tea, wulong tea, white tea, black tea, puer tea and yellow tea. You can smell any of the teas in the jars to get a good idea of what they’ll taste like, and you’ll leave better-informed—and with some delightful loose-leaf to enjoy at home.

Runners up:

2. Teavana

2905 E. Skyline Drive


5870 E. Broadway Blvd.


3. Food Conspiracy Co-op

412 N. Fourth Ave.


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