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Best Bulk Tea Selection

Seven Cups

Seven Cups is too good for Tucson, but there it is, flourishing in the best place for it, the bosom of the Sam Hughes Neighborhood. Seven Cups serves tea and sells tea and tea paraphernalia out of an exquisitely decorated storefront directly across the street from Rincon Market and Bob Dobbs, both of which serve different needs of the same knowing demographic. We are in no position to judge, but a friend who's an actual certified teamaster--hey, we here at the Weekly have some pretty high-class friends--tells us that the impressive selection of Chinese loose teas is fresh and fairly priced. The owners, whose Zen sweetness and good humor are a testament to the power of tea, will be happy to help you select a rare and valuable tea, or a sampler, or an exquisite Chinese pot.

Runners up:

2. Food Conspiracy Co-Op, 412 N. Fourth Ave., 624-4821
3. Casbah Tea House, 628 N. Fourth Ave., 903-0393