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Food Conspiracy Co-op

READERS' PICK: The soundtrack to the flick Pi features a compilation of hypnotic techno tunes. Like the drums and whispery voices, the Food Conspiracy's panoply of bulk teas entrances and mystifies. Open the wide-necked jars. Inhale the stunning aromas of loose English Breakfast or Earl Grey or Darjeeling--oolongs that hit you with a caffeinated wallop at the back of the throat. Black tea will never be the same, though, after you've sipped the smoky Lapsang Souchong. Take a bit home, place in a teapot or reusable cotton bag and savor the ashiness. It's reminiscent of Gunpowder, one of many green teas here--teas as mystical as their names: Eyebrow, Dragonwheel, Emerald Cloud. Discern the differences between the Chinese and Japanese green and even white teas. Glean ideas for yielding a mesmerizing herbal bouquet. We haven't been brave enough to sample the Burdock Sheep Sorrel Tea. Let us know what it's like.

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